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Email Blasts

Central Michigan 2-1-1 provides free email blasts to connect the community with relevant announcements, updates, trainings, job postings, fundraisers, etc and are currently available in Hillsdale, Jackson and Lenawee Counties.  2-1-1 email blasts are a great opportunity for the human service field to share events and program information occurring in the community!   

Email blasts also help you stay connected to 2-1-1! Subscribe to receive community reports and other updates throughout our region! 

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To ensure appropriate, unbiased use of the 2-1-1 Email Blast system, the following criteria are observed:

Central Michigan 2-1-1 will send information from a nonprofit agency/program pertinent to the health and human service field such as new programs/services, program/service updates, trainings/in services, resource fairs, job postings, non-monetary program donation announcements/requests, etc. 

2.) Central Michigan 2-1-1 will not send blasts of a political nature or containing a political message.

3.) Central Michigan 2-1-1 email blasts are not intended to provide a vehicle for requesting resources for individual persons, families or situations.

4.) All email blasts must be posted by a representative of the non-profit agency/program hosting the event.

5.) The same event/blast will only be sent a maximum of two (2) times.

6.) If an agency/program submits material to be blasted & later submits changes to the original submission after a blast has already been sent, 2-1-1 will resend the blast. This second blast (to correct errors made by blast requesting agency/program) WILL count towards the 2 allowable blasts per event/blast.

7.) All email blast requests submitted online or to will be posted within three (3) business days. 


1.) Blast information should be sent either as identified text in the body of an email or as an attachment.  Fundraiser requests must be submitted as an attached document.

2.) Preferred files are .rtf or.jpeg.  Publisher and PDF documents require additional formatting and your Blast may appear differently than planned.

3.) Blast information must include the name of the posting agency in the body or title of the request.

4.) If the requesting agency serves more than one county, the subject or body of the request must indicate which counties should be included in the Blast.

Central Michigan 2-1-1 reserves the right to address perceived over-use or abuse of the Email Blast system and request corrective action for continued use. 


Use the form below to submit email blast requests for text only announcements. 


If you need to submit information with an attachment, please send to with the following information included in your request.